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Wedding Videography Services in New Orleans and Beyond

Your Story, Our Lens: Crafting Love Stories into Film

Based in New Orleans, we offer wedding videography services to couples residing in or visiting the area. We also extend our services to other locations throughout Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Houma, and Lafayette. Even if you’re planning a destination wedding outside of the state, we’d love to be a part of your special day! We welcome requests from anywhere in the country, and if approved, there are no additional travel fees.

Capturing Your Wedding Day in Beautiful Moving Pictures

Our passion lies in creating a wedding film that conveys the atmosphere, intricate details, and unique story of your special day. With our distinctive filming method, we strike the perfect balance between documentary storytelling and stylistic shots. Many couples have told us that watching their finished film is like reliving their wedding day all over again. 

View Our Work Samples and Explore Package Options

We invite you to reach out and share the details of your upcoming celebration at any time. For a glimpse into our work, please visit our work samples page to watch previous wedding films that we have made. Scroll below to discover the array of package options available and learn more about our seamless booking process.

Thank you for your interest and “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler” on your wedding day!

Personalized Wedding Videography Packages for Your Special Day

Struggling to find a wedding videography or elopement package that perfectly suits your needs? We offer the flexibility to create a custom wedding video package that matches your requirements. Tailor your own package by choosing the desired hours of coverage and the specific types of edits you prefer. Explore our customizable options below to create the perfect package for your wedding day.

Accordion Content

Tailor the coverage hours of your wedding day to perfectly match your needs. Whether you’re planning a smaller wedding, an intimate elopement, or wish to focus on specific moments like the ceremony, our customizable packages allow you to choose the ideal duration. For a comprehensive coverage that encompasses pre-ceremony preparations and the entire day, we recommend selecting 8 hours or more. Enjoy the freedom to personalize your wedding film experience with the perfect coverage hours for your cherished moments.

Immerse yourself in the essence of your wedding day through our short wedding film edit. This captivating video showcases carefully selected highlight clips, artfully edited to an instrumental music track thoughtfully chosen by our experienced editor. With a duration of approximately 4 minutes, this concise and impactful film captures the most memorable moments of your celebration. Your beautifully crafted short wedding film will be conveniently delivered to you as a digital download, allowing you to relive the magic at your convenience.

Elevate your short wedding film with our extended edit, tailored to include your personalized vows, heartwarming letter reads, and heartfelt toasts. This enriched version ensures that those special moments hold a prominent place within your film. With a duration of approximately 6 minutes, this extended edit beautifully encapsulates the essence of your wedding day. Your meticulously crafted film will be conveniently delivered to you as a digital download, allowing you to treasure and share these cherished memories.

Relive all of the magic of your wedding day through our immersive feature wedding film. This long-form edit includes comprehensive segments, encompassing your entire ceremony and a captivating reception dancing montage carefully choreographed to your preferred song. With a duration of 45-60 minutes, this meticulously crafted film beautifully preserves the essence and atmosphere of your celebration. Your feature wedding film will be conveniently delivered as a digital download, allowing you to relish and share this treasured keepsake with loved ones.

Capture every authentic and unedited moment of your wedding day with our raw footage option. This offering includes all the unedited video and audio files recorded during the coverage of your celebration. From heartfelt vows to candid shots, you’ll have access to the full breadth of raw moments that beautifully encapsulate the essence of your special day. The raw footage will be conveniently delivered to you on a flash drive, ensuring easy access to relive these cherished memories.

Enrich your wedding film with our rehearsal coverage option, focusing on the day before your wedding. This add-on offers two hours of dedicated videography by one skilled professional. Capture the anticipation and special moments leading up to your big day, with the added bonus of filming any speeches during the rehearsal. Trust us to discreetly document these unique moments, providing you with a visual narrative that beautifully complements your wedding film. Choose rehearsal coverage for an extended storytelling experience that goes beyond the main event.

Our post-wedding upgrade option offers you the flexibility to enhance your wedding film coverage by adding additional package options at a later time. Whether you desire an extended feature film edit to delve deeper into the highlights you love or the inclusion of raw footage, this upgrade allows you to make these decisions after your big day. Reserve your date by booking now and take advantage of the freedom to enhance your wedding coverage later. Valid for six months after your wedding date.

Easily Book Your Wedding Videography Package Online in 3 Simple Steps!

Choose a Full-Day Package or Customize for Your Unique Needs

We offer three options: classic, deluxe, or custom. The classic and deluxe packages provide 8 hours of wedding day coverage with pre-selected edit options. If you have other requirements, our custom package allows you to build your own package and choose the specific options that best suit your needs.

Select Your Wedding Date and Fill Out a Form

Once you’ve decided on the perfect package, it’s time to secure your wedding date. Using our convenient booking page, enter your wedding date, and our system will promptly verify its availability for booking. If your date is available, you can proceed to complete our simple and concise wedding details form. This form consists of a short list of questions about the details of your wedding day.

Complete Your Booking and Secure Your Wedding Date

Take the last step towards securing your wedding date by reviewing our agreement. After reviewing, simply submit your digital signature along with the required deposit payment. Congratulations! Your wedding date is now officially booked. As your big day approaches, we’ll be in contact beforehand to confirm the details.